Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicken Wings

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I remember my first visit to the US and how I enjoyed eating Buffalo wings. The icing on the cake however was an episode revolving around one of my team leads who was accompanying me on the visit. We usually went out to eat together and when I ordered Buffalo wings, he always gave me a weird look and never ate them (he was a chicken eater though). It's on our return back to India, that he walked up to me one day and stated that he was puzzled, as to how come Buffaloes had wings and how come they were so small. The incident still makes me smile when I think of it or while having wings.
One super place for good beer and wings has to be the Winking Lizard in Cleveland. It was my regular haunt during my stay in Cleveland. They also have a world tour of beers ( 100 beers from around the world) and I took part in the challenge for 2004. Unfortunately I could only finish 80 of them and we had to shift back to India.
So let me clear the whole issue about what are buffalo wings ? Buffalo wings are chicken wings sections (and drummettes too) that deep fried and coated with a margarine and hot sauce. They get their name from the city of Buffalo, New York where they originated from. They are different versions to its origins, some involve the anchor bar where Teressa Bellisimo is credited for coming up with these when her son came late night unannounced with a lot of his friends. One version again credits her for coming up with these for her catholic guests who were buying a lot of drinks around midnight on a Friday.
I made it to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo when me and my better half were en route to Niagara Falls from Cleveland. I ended up buying a few bottles of their hot sauce for wings ( though I have a prejudice towards using Frank's Hot Sauce).
This particular recipe is my own concoction and is a regular at my place for beer parties.

Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings - 10
Soy Sauce - 2 Tsp
Red Chili Powder ( or Paprika) - 1/2 Tsp ( You can reduce to 1/4 if you do not want them spicy)
Salt - To taste
Minced Garlic - 1 Tsp
Butter - 1/4 Cup
Hot Sauce - 1/4 Cup ( I love Frank's)
Oil For Deep Frying

1. Marinate the chicken with Soy Sauce, salt, minced garlic and red chili Powder.
2. Heat enough Oil in a deep fryer or a wok to cover the wings entirely.
3. Heat a saucepan and add in Butter and Hot Sauce. Stir until butter has melted and the mixture is well blended. Remove from heat.
4. Fry the wings in the oil for 10 minutes or till they are done.
5. Remove from heat, and place them in a bowl.
6. Add in the sauce and stir together to mix evenly.
7. Serve hot with a dip and celery sticks.
Note : If you want them to taste as they do in restaurants, then omit the Soy Sauce and add in Flour. Coat the chicken wings and keep in a chiller for 30 minutes.


Srivalli said...

thats really funny explanation!..I was thinking chicken wings to be more dry!

Cinnamon said...

A funny write up... the chicken wings look so very delicious!!

notyet100 said...

thy look so yum,..:-)

G.Pavani said...

hi chicken wings looks yummy

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