Thursday, August 7, 2008


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I had gone to a resort a short drive away from the city a few weeks back for a business meeting and after the hectic day a few of us decided to stay back and have a few drinks before we headed back home. It was a nice pleasant evening, perfect for a few cocktails and while browsing through the Beverage Menu card I glanced up a few traditional cocktails. We hardly get the see too many of them these days with everybody trying to do a one up on the 0ther with having their own in-house developed specialties.
My earliest memories of the Pinacolada take me to my college days when on the new years eve of 1995, I decided to go to a private jazz party at a club near Flora Fountain organised by a few close friends. I was introduced to the Pinacolada there. I loved the drink and the proof of that lies in the fact that by the time we wrapped up I had finished 9 of those lovely cocktails.
The drink which is the official beverage of Puerto Rico is the spanish translation meaning Strained Pineapple ( Pina - Pineapple, Colada - Strained).


White Rum - 45 Ml
Pineapple Juice - 120 Ml
Coconut Cream - 60 Ml
Crushed Ice - 1 Cup

Garnish - Cherry & Pineapple Slice

1. Pour all the ingredients (including the crushed ice) into a blending jar and blend until smooth.
2. Pour into a tall glass. ( The more unusual the glass the better)
3. Garnish with Cherry and Pineapple slice. ( Also decorate your glass with straw, swizzle stick and drink umbrella ...looks good)
4. Serve chilled ...Cheers !!!

Variations :
As with most cocktails, this one too has its variations.

Chi-Chi : Substitute the Rum with Vodka

Staten Island Ferry : Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice.

Miami Vice : Strawberry Daiquiri and Pinacolada blended together.

Amaretto Colada - Substitute White Rum with Amaretto.

Berry Colada - Substitute Pineppale Juice with any berry juice.

Pinata Colada ( Or Virgin Pinacolada) : No prizes for guessing White Rum!


Roma said...

hey! Looks yummy. You can find a recipe for Virgin Pinacolada at my blog:

I love mocktails !

Nithu said...

Wow! Pinacolada is one of my favourite drink. Looks so nice.

Rachel said...

9 of them....:D

Nidhi said...

First time on your blog.
I love Pinacolada too..or should I say Virgin Pinacolada. Never tried the alcoholic version :(

SMN said...

Drink looks nice and i guess i will have it without rum :)

Lore said...

I'm so ready for my pinacolada now ;)

Swati Raman Garg said...

wowy u made pinacolada urself.. too good..

Jean@Yardworkerz said...

Looks delish! Yum!

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