Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Must See Recipes For The Week

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I have been under the weather for the past few days and believe you me it's quite a bother. With the monsoons finally arriving ( better late than never) and the weather inviting you to stay outdoors...curbing your instinct to party and roam outside and stay indoors was quite a nuisance. Today also happens to be my fathers birthday. He's in Gurgaon and we had to make do with telephonic greetings and celebrations. Last year we were there to celebrate it with him but could not make it this time. He has been the first guy I have seen cook and I guess it was that exposure that make me take to the ladle and pan with ease. Even today, he wakes up early ( he has always been an early riser) and does the mis-en-place before my mom wakes up. She needless to say hates it because then she has to cook whatever he has done the pre-preparation for. A good way to ensure you eat what you want.
1. Pickled Okra - Good recipe to have your crispy faves all round the year. The dill does impart some great flavor to the okras.
2. Pork Chops - The life of a great bbq party. Neat recipe making it look too simple. The key is to know when they are done. Wish had clubbed the recipe of some applesauce along :)
3. Oregano Olive Chicken - I made some Olive chicken a few months back and loved it. This one goes a step forward and adds capers and oregano to it. The aroma is gonna blow you away and stay in the house for some time making everyone feel hungry.
4. Nigel Slater's 24-Carat Brownie - The photos have started the chocolate craving already. It looks absolutely delicious looking just perfectly moist. I hate dry brownies and sometimes the gooey ones can make a mess. No nuts have been added in ( I love it!). Will suggest adding a little rum to it. Overall, this is a great recipe.
5. Classic Pound Cake - We have always had pound cakes in our kitchen. usually, its the variety that we get from the grocery store or local baker. They make a good treat for kids at home and also a good substitute for your sugar craving, This easy to make recipe sets you to bake your own.


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