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Hi, I am Gaurav, and I am based out of New Delhi, India.

I love food and have always loved gastronomy since I can remember. Having to move to different parts of India every 2-3 years during my childhood exposed to different cultures and cuisines. From trying out various recipes in my mom's kitchen I moved to doing a 3 year full-time hospitality course. During my college days, I was known less for the food I cooked, but more for the flair I possessed in bartending and my knowledge on food & beverages.
Post passing out of hospitality school, I worked with the hotel industry for 6 years out of which 2 years were spent in the hotel kitchens, where I honed up my culinary skills. Destiny had other plans in store for me and I left the hospitality industry to pursue management roles in other industries.
Even though I am no longer with the hospitality industry, I keep myself upto date by researching new trends and recipes and then trying them out in my kitchen ...mostly for my better half and 2 wonderful kids, who share this passion with me and keep me going on.
Apart from food, I paint in my spare time, love playing golf and love reading history.

This blog is my tribute to the one thing which fires me up ...Food !!!

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