Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Best Blogger Tips
This one is for the Independence Day.
Creme de Menthe - 30 ml
Lychee Juice - 90 ml
Mango Juice - 90 ml
Vodka - 30 ml
Slice of Lemon - For Garnishing
Method :
1. Mix Vodka and Mango juice in a glass and stir nicely. Keep aside.
2. In a champagne flute, add in the Lychee Juice.
3. Sink Creme the Menthe. ( Simply add in the liqueur in the centre, it will sink to the bottom)
4. Float the Vodka and Mango juice mixture on top. ( For instructions on how to float, see my first post here).
5. Garnish with a slice of lemon & serve.

Note: Please ensure all ingredients all chilled before you start making this cocktail.
Non-alcoholics can substitute Creme de Menthe for either Khus syrup or the non-alcoholic version of creme de menthe available. They also do not need to premix mango juice and vodka.


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