Monday, July 9, 2007

Burning Peaches

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I begin my first post in this blog site with a personal favorite of mine. I tried out this cocktail some 13 years back, and, I still haven't been able to get over it. Its a little tedious but, is a real wowie!

I have tried giving it different names over the period, ranging from some hindi names to naming it after my wife to giving it an exotic thai name, but I guess, Burning Peaches stuck. Anybody got a better name please drop in a comment.

Here's how to go about it:

Burning Peaches

60 ml Dark Rum

15 ml Peach Schnapps

15 ml Peach syrup concentrate

Sprite / 7Up - Absolutely Chilled

Glass - Champagne Tulip

Additional Equipment

Soup Spoon


Cloth to wipe


1. Pour the Peach concentrate in the tulip followed by the Peach Schnapps.

2. Pour in the 7up/Sprite leaving enough room for the rum on the top.

3. Take the soup spoon and using it float the rum on the top ( 45 ml).To Float -use a spoon bottom-side up and touching the inside of the glass preferably the surface of the drink. Gently pour liquor over spoon so it flows from the spoon down the side of the glass into a layer on the already poured drink.

4. Now take the soup spoon and heat it with the lighter. Keep wiping it with the cloth incase black soot is forming. After the spoon is hot ( not red hot, but considerably warm), put the remaining rum (15ml) in it and heat it again, bringing the flame in contact with the liquor. The liquor will flame up giving a blue flame. Pour the burning rum into the drink and Voila your cocktail is ready.


supriya_swarup said...

This is a very interesting and a refreshing one too.
Towards the South Beaches of US when you hit the traditional beaches of Miami - they serve an authentic drink 'Daiquiri' which is very Cuban by its origin.
The simplest thing too - 2 sugar, ( sugar syrup) 2 sour (fresh lime juice) and 3 spirit (with the traditional cuban white rum). Top this with crushed ice and shake well. sieve it (it should be Babsolutely clear) and serve it in a martini glass with a lemon wegde at the rim - it's mind - blowing.......aaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Better still - try this one...
Take a fresh lime and chop it into pieces (approximately 1lime ito 8), two tablespoons of vanila sugar (take vanila pods and open it to release its flavours and grind it well with white sugar to get vanila sugar), 2 peach liquer and 3 well matured dark rum. top it with crushed ice.....crush it with a pestle without pounding it to mix the ingredients and serve in a tall glass with orange and lime peals....also sprinkle some sugar powder.....Serve's a super hit!!!

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