Saturday, July 26, 2008

5 Must See Recipes For The Week

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It's been raining since last night, and I have had to cancel my round of golf today. To add to it, I had promised my lovely better half that I would help her out with some house cleaning today. As it turns out, it happens to be a perfect day to spend in bed and I think she'll have a tough time to get me out of it and cleaning the junk which I call my studio. The whole idea of having my own place (studio) was that I could keep it anyways I wanted to.

1. Whiskey Sour - If you ask me what this simple recipe is doing on this post, my answer is ...there are still many who haven't discovered this wonderful drink. A piece of caution: go easy on this! You wouldn't realize when you are blanked out.

2. Gumbo - For starters Gumbo is a hearty soup or stew that originated in Louisiana and is traditionally served over rice. I had gumbo a few years back in Texas and I have been a convert since then. This recipe is fantastic and is a must try for all.

3. Chicken with Olives and Apricots - A taste of Algeria with some amazing photos of the dish alongwith an excellently written post that just absorbs you and transports you there as if all this was happening in front of you. I have tried matching apricots with chicken before in a Biryani and have also had the parsi dish of Salli Zardaloo murgi. It'll be nice to check this one out.

4. Chai Chocolate Sorbet - Sorbets are back in vogue and so is mixing and matching. Chai or tea has been a much experimented medium for sorbets. We have the green tea sorbets, Earl grey and Pear sorbet and now this. What amazing about this dish is that it is uncomplicated and exotic enough.

5. Watermelon Ginger Punch - Summers are gone, although we haven't had much rain this season in our area( apart from yesterday and today), so it still makes it summers for us :)
Nice punch with a neat kick to it. Though the author recommends not using fresh ginger in large quantities, if you are the ginger ale type, go ahead and indulge. I would infact add a bottle of Ginger ale to it.


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