Monday, July 14, 2008

5 Must See Recipes For The Week

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I'm late again this week. We lost our Dog this Saturday and I haven't been in the mood for the past 2 days to post anything. It was indeed a sad day for all of us. Snuff ( his name) had been a part of the Bhaskar family for 14 years,9 months and 25 days and I still cannot get over it. The whole episode just strengthened my resolve not to get another pet home. The lifespan is too short and the attachment too great. I dedicate this post to him.
Snuff U will be missed !

1. Green Mango Salad with Macadamia Nuts - Spicy, tangy, crunchy ...varied flavors exploding in your mouth. Perfect to have while you can still lay your hands on some green mangoes.

2. Potatoes Gratin - The classic reason needed to have this one. I make it with one exception, a hint of garlic and chili flakes.

3. Rice Ice Cream - Wow! Never knew this existed. A must try for all those who are a sucker for novelty experiments. Read the comments too...nice suggestions given.

4. Cream Cheese Wontons - Nice variation. All of you like me who have a problem finding Wildfire spice, can do with a little ingenuity, like I always do. Who knows, we might create a new signature masterpiece. Personally, I'll make my own desifire spice by mixing some lemongrass, green peppercorns, aniseed and curry powder. As far as the bush tomato chutney goes, I'll substitute the bush tomatoes with some green ones and sun dried ones.

5. Stuffed Eggplants, Peppers & Tomatoes - My wife would absolutely dig this. Just look at the variety it'll add to your table. Vegetarians, substitute the ground beef/lamb with mushrooms and other veggies. Farida ...u truly rock!

As a footnote I leave you with a great blog that my dear friend Harry writes. It has some great home remedies for prickly situations and issues. A must see and add to your favorites to visit time and again when u get caught in those situations.


jayasree said...

Very soory for ur Snuff's loss. Rightly said abt short lifespan and gr8 attachment.

delhibelle said...

So sorry to hear about Snuff, pets are so unconditionally affectionate that their loss is too painful.
Snuff was a very cute name.

Gaurav said...

Jayasree, Rashmi, thnx for your comments and condolences.Seriously having a pet really changes you ...they bring out the good in you.

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