Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 Must See Recipes For The Week

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I'm back with my weekly 5 selection. There's a spring in my voice ( now you can't hear it) and in my writing ... the reason I got my first award. Sangeeth of Art of Cooking Indian Food was kind enough to pass on the Yummy Food Blog Award to me. It's given to the blog with most Yummy Photos/recipes. Really felt good.
Four of my Favorite yummy Desserts that I have tasted are :

Strawberry Cheesecake Infact all cheesecakes ...baked, non-baked, any

Chocolate Mousse ( Still haven't found the recipe I've been looking for...the one they make in Sheraton ...try it out its heavenly)

Gajjar Ka Halwa (Esp. the one my mom cooks)

Poached Pears ( wow nothing like fruits being poached preferably pears and pineapples)

Gulab Jamuns / Jamun-E-Gul ( With Vanilla Ice Cream ...aah! Heaven)

I have to pass this on to four of my blogging friends who have yummy recipes. Here they are:

Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons
Swati of Chatkhor
Arundathi of My Food Blog
Mansi of Fun and Food

Getting back to business, as this post now becomes a regular feature on my blog every week and I scout the web to bring out the five that really tempted me, let me ask you to forward me links of recipes that you felt should make it out here....will make my job a little easier.
The 5 must see recipes for this week are:

1. Red Wine and Mushroom Sauce for Beef - Ward Street Bistro is an amazing blog with some excellent step by step recipes. I chose this one, though the previous one, which showed us how to make a Press-in-the-pan pie crust was a foolproof recipe for all who dread to bake for the fear of failure. The sauce has good consistency, looks extremely smooth and tasty, the mushrooms are righly done, not too mashed up and will go very well with steaks, both beef and lamb.

2. Smoked Gouda and Onion Quesadilla - Since my wife fell in love with Taco Bells, Quesadilla's are once a month must have in our house. Sometimes, I find them in my tiffin at work (all that cheese makes you want a good nap). This was a great recipe. Easy to make, not many ingredients, though I would throw in either some freshly ground black pepper or chilli flakes to spice it up.

3. Ginger-Mint Lemonade - Great way to beat the summer heat. Second only to the quintessential summer favorite here...the aam panna ! I have tried it out and it was great. I also went ahead and added 2 drops of angostura bitters and some soda ....tasted great !!!

4. Kahlua Brownie - The photos are enough to make you go drool ! Just my kind of brownie ...none of those nuts...just chocolate :)

5. New England Clam Chowder - On my list of must haves all then time. Those of you who haven't tried it out...must. You'll be a convert for the rest of your life. I liked Andrea's recipe...very practical and almost like the one I got from one of my friends in Boston...who's a Chowder fan himself.


Sangeeth said...

congrats on ur award ;)

notyet100 said...

congrats..andnice selection,..

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

congrats on ur award..and this is a great concept - to post a round up of must try recipes! good work!

Arundathi said...

thank you so much for the award! :) and congrats on yours!! the smoked gouda recipe looks fabulous - have to try that out!

Swati Raman Garg said...

thanks thanks thanks... and boss dont tell me this is ur forst award... u have been this super cool idol kinda person.. and here i see this.. am i a fool getting those awards... anyways... congrats... coz u r one of those who deserve it d most...

Happy cook said...

congrats with the award.
Yumm brownie sounds too delicious

Gaurav said...

Sangeeth ...tht was kind :))
notyet100,JZ, thnx.
Arundathi..lemme know how the smoked gouda recipe turns out.
Sawti, thnx...yes it is my first award ...kya karein, am not tht active on the is killing, so r the other interests tht I try to do justice to. Doesn't give me enuff time to do much on blogosphere.

Srivalli said...

gaurav, so nice of you to think of me...thank you...and seriously never thought this is your first time!..congrats on the award!

LG said...

Congratulation on your award. Enjoyy!

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