Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 Must See Recipes for the Week

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After flirting with danger last week and coming out with the 5 must see recipes for the week, doubts of whether it will be a flash in the pan to how it will be received, I come out with the second edition this week.
Work has been crazy and health has been taking its toll on me...guess age is catching up. This week, again features my all time favs like cheesecake ( what would I do without them) to some asian food thrown in with good measure. Unlike the previous set which only consisted of the photo friendly desserts, I get a little adventurous this time.
1. Cilantro Chicken with Fresh Water Chestnuts and baby Bok Choy - A very different recipe and good use of chestnuts. I agree with the author on using fresh chestnuts and the note on handling them is excellent. The combination is killing and makes for a good dish. The use of spices in this stir fry will not be unusual for the Indian palate, but will still be welcome. Vegetarians, use cottage cheese cubes instead of chicken.

2. BBQ Tuna Steaks with Pretty Pomegranate & Corriander (With Winter Tabouli on the side) - The post tugs at the strings of your heart. Mother's Day has gone for this year, though for me it always remains round the year... every day of the year.
The marinade ingredients are very finely balanced, no complications or a whole load of ingredients to overpower the dish. Though I would have still gone ahead and added some ginger to it.

3. Honey and Roasted Garlic Baked Brie with Crispy Baguette - Cheesy, creamy and very unusual. Taken from a culinary portal, this one caught my eye. I was already conjuring up on how I am gonna do this one. I'm gonna go with also sprinkling a little Curry Powder on top before I bake it, and yes, lessen the honey to an extent.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast - This was an unusual use of the cheesecake and it got me into it right from the word go. Easy to make with photographs at each stage makes you wanna try it out. The final result might be a good combo of a cheesecakey ( I know I invented the word) hint with the good ol' french toast taste. It looks sinful and can be a great way to start your day ...provided you have the time to make it for breakfast.

5. Florida Pie - A nice crumbly pie to finish things off. How many times do we come across the use of coconut in a pie.
Caution: Be very attentive while working with Meringue. If possible after you have beaten the egg whites really well, pipe them over. The browning looks good on them.

I leave you all in the end with 3 more posts recipes but informative ones on firstly how rice paper is made in vietnam, the second on how vietnamese bun is made and third, very importantly, on how to measure flour correctly. Happy reading, and Bon Apetit !


steph- whisk/spoon said...

all very delicious looking recipes! thanks for linking to my photo!

Mallika said...

I like your easy breezy style. A collection of decent recipes is always useful too. Thanks!

Raaga said...

nice selection of recipes. I use the spoon and sweep method... works well for me

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