Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 Must See Recipes for the Week !

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Now this has been going through my mind for a fairly long time and finally I decided to go and do it. Rather than have all visitors to this blog go through my adventures and misadventures of the culinary kind, also give them a once a week opportunity to come here and go through to see other blogs that they probably are missing out on. It's kinda me opening a window to the wider world ( and if its blog listed here, then showing you a mirror ... :-D)
The only glitch was
1. Time : I always blamed time or rather the lack of it, for not doing it. Will I be able to do it regularly, again and again, till blogosphere dries up. To hell with it, firstly there are enough sites that exist. Secondly, lemme atleast give it a try.
2. Criteria : What would be my criteria of judging the best 5? How many stars on different factors? Well, its my blog, I loved these recipes. They are just my opinion. I loved them and am sharing them with you. Also, I'm sure fellow bloggers are pretty forgiving. I can always refine as I go along.
So here I am, publishing my best 5 of this week that I stumbled upon. I'm sure plenty good ones exist, I'm oblivious to them right now. My sincerest apologies to all. Since most of my visitors come in from Taste of India, I've tried to move away from all blogs that list there. For we all, visit those ones. Most of my present 5 recipes are mostly sweet/baked fare. Cannot be helped, they are just picture perfect and I have a sweet tooth. The best 5 are in no particular order, so none of the five are No. 1 and in the same breath all are. :)

Chocolate Non-Bake Cheesecake with Gingerbiscuit Crust and Raspberry Coulis - I ventured onto Diva's site by mistake a few days back from another site. The wonderful photography and use of color struck me. This particular recipe is so easy to make, and is the best thing for summers. Plus, I (alongwith my wife) have this weakness for cheesecakes, me for making them and she for eating them. Hence, a cheesecake had to find its way in this list. The photos look great, especially, the bluebells add in the X-factor to the explosion of colors. The coulis has the correct thickness and the dessert overall is fairly light. This is a perfect dessert for a sunday lunch.

Chocolate cupcakes stuffed with strawberry chocolate ganache and frosted with chocolate glaze and buttercream - An amazingly large name for a small thing. Easy to make and a real crowd puller especially for the tiny tots. You can scroll down on the webpage for other exciting cupcake recipes.

Trifle - Aah! the ever familiar always in vogue trifle. So what if it started out as a Napoleon. So what if the heat wave never let it set fully. It must have tasted heavenly ...did I taste it...certainly no, but it looks inviting and makes me want to go and make some this weekend. So, Kate thinks the photos are awful. I think they look just good ...a little bit of the chocolate mousse dripping down has always looked good. And then there's the walnut brittle to go with it. A delicate blend of chocolate and coffee. If you have some small dessert cups ( glass ones dear), go with this, the layers will keep the audience spellbound and the chocolate and mocha will do the rest.

Tapenade - I have regularly checking out Kevin's blog and the quality of fare on the blog has been superb. Tapenade the latest addition is a pasty provencal dish from south of France and gets its name from Tapeno, the Provencal word for capers. The dish looks good and the Crostini on which it is served looks so perfect. A good starter for an evening with your drinking buddies. It's THE thing that I've put on my menu for Saturday night when I get together with my office crowd.

Monkey Bread - The name's unusual for this dish, and I stumbled upon it while I was not looking for it ( just as the blog author had). Jamaila, I haven't been living under a rock, but I've seriously never eaten one :) . This however looks inviting, more so the name looks even more inviting to give it a try one of these days. With my eldest son, up with his monkey antics throughout the day, should take to it lovingly. Minimal use of ingredients, this one is a sure thing for a quick breakfast that is filling as well.


Shubha Ravikoti said...

Hey gaurav... lovely info...:)
just now saw kevin's blog its amazing....will see the other four too:D

First time to ur blog too.. or maybe second time..;) nice blog there...:)

diva@theSugarBar said...

cheers for popping round my site. great pleasure to meet a fellow cheesecake fanatic as well. aren't they just amazing? :) great site you've got. will def be back


Jyothsna said...

Thats a good thing to do. :) Will go check the must-see recipes now!

Gaurav said...

Thanks Diva...anytime.
Shubha, there are a lot of good recipes around on those sites. Let me know how they came out.
Thanks for the motivation Jyothsna.

Aparna said...

Just came across your blog.
And thanks for taking me back to the Cupcake Bakeshop.
Now that I have some buttercream sitting in my freezer, I think I shall try something from there!

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