Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Restaurant Zetor - A Review

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Earlier in December, I found myself spending 2 days in Helsinki. It had just started to snow outside and after spending hours in meetings, we decided to go out for dinner. The restaurant we chose to visit was Zetor. One of my colleagues had been there earlier and we decided to sample it for ourselves.
The setting of the restaurant is very rustic and country style. You can find tractors in it and a hen coop in the middle of the restaurant also. Now finding a tractor is not surprising since Zetor is the name of a famous Czech tractor brand ( It is also known as the Tractor restaurant in Helsinki). What is suprising is that it does not come across as trendy rural setting, but something done up in a hurry. Now what can one expect when a restaurant claims to be designed by the Leningrad cowboys.
For beginners, if you are going in the winters and need to store your coats at the reception, it will be Euro 2.50 per piece (Steep!). It is a good warmup for the steep menu prices to follow later.
The dishes on the menu make for some interesting reading, but be sure to ask the dish before you order it based on the name. We almost ordered the dessert because it was named Priest's Wife Bedside Table (and the description read like, "We Don't even dare to describe it here. Be Brave and ask us about it!). We asked and regretted doing it. The rest of the menu also has quite a few good ones, including a Tiger Woods joke.
The fried herrings for starters were good and so was the roast reindeer for main course. The reindeer was accompanied with a lingonberry glaze, which nearly spoiled the taste for me. Finnish beer was a good revelation.
Service was a mixed bag again. Our initial stewardess really gave us an impression we were not welcome and we nearly had to go hunting for our to take our order, but voila! there was a change right after the starters and the new person waiting our table, really changed the mood. We might just credit the extra round of beers to her cheerful nature and good service.
Overall, the place is a little hyped and made so for the toursity traveller, but it is the only place that I know of serving traditional Finnish food. Go there for the Finnish beer and the roast reindeer, but dont stay too long!



Jaya Wagle said...

LOL on the review though I doubt if I am going to Helsinki any time soon. :)

Anonymous said...

No you need to not

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