Monday, May 11, 2009

Goan Escapades (Part 2) - Portuguese style Goan Chicken Pulao

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The worst part of flying is the long layover times. Sometimes they extend so long that you really do not know what to do. It becomes extremely irritating if you are travelling alone. Time does not seem to fly and the airports ( the duty frees, the lounges) seem to be losing their charm. I think Hotels will do good business if they organise some cooking classes on the local cuisine at these international airports ( pay & learn). I'm sure dead bored travellers like me who almost everytime have a long layover, will attend these classes. Let me know what you think about this idea and incase it does get incorporated remember where you read it first. I'm writing this post during one such long layover ( 4 hours ...fairly long for me). It pays to have such posts up your sleeve to tide over long layovers ( longer and you might have seen 2 of them). It is the sequel to my first goan escapades. My colleague and neighbour ( our cabins in office are next to each other), Dan, had this video, as I had used his camera to shoot it. He had since gone on a long vacation and returned a few weeks back. What makes this post exciting is the fact, that in my previous post, we cooked (as in the Chef) some nicy spicy Balchao. Most people associate goan food to being fiery, with lots of tangy flavors. The chicken pulao in this post, shatters this.


Anonymous said...

it makes me hungry....

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