Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cafe Lurcat - Restaurant Review

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Last evening I was at Cafe Lurcat (pronounced Lurr-KAHT) and what blew me away initially was the expansive space the restaurant had. It really made you feel comfortable. The large windows also gave you good feeling as if you were dining outside minus the wind. The ambience was very cool and loungey. The staff was extremely hospitable and small things like the stewardess taking our valet tag and having our car ready outside by the time we got out, really touched.
Cafe Lurcat is a 140 seater new age American food restaurant with a menu that is as stylish as the interiors and a wine list to die for ( it has a selection of 200 wines to choose from).
They have almost everything for everyone. There are different spaces to choose from. You can enjoy yourself at the bar while you wait for your table or can choose a private dining room, if you have a large crowd. It even has a seasonal outdoor seating.
The food selection is good. The crab cakes and stone crab with mustard sauce are ideal starters. The prtion sizes are just right for all the appetizers. The main courses do not dissapoint you at all. I had the Sea Bass marinated in Miso. I had sea bass for lunch the other day(at another restaurant) and was in two minds on whether to order it or not. I did not regret ordering it. You got a decent helping of the sea bass and the flavors were delicately balanced. The scallops were nice and juicy. I haven't such good scallops since my visit to Paris.
The dessert selection is excellent and unique. The triple chocolate cream cake is sinful when you look at eat, but doesn't feel you feeling sick after you have finished it. The carrot cake with cheesecake was a great combination. The only thing about it that stuck with me was the cinnamon flavor which overpowered.
Overall, Cafe Lurcat is a great addition to the Minneapolis culinary scene and is a must visit for all. I'm off to Florida next week and visiting the Cafe Lurcat there is on my agenda of things to do.


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