Monday, June 16, 2008

5 Must see recipes for the week

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You must say of late there have been only roundups on this blog. It's true. Work has been ensuring I do not get the time to post anything else. Home front hasn't been kind either with the better half starting her new job and my elder son's school starting. Not to forget my broadband that has not been working for the last one week. Finally had to ask my sweet wife, if I could use her laptop and post this one.
Here I go with this week's collections with a promise that there will be more of my usual stuff apart from this very soon.

1. French Onion Soup - Very classical indeed. Incase you are planning to throw a nice continental dinner for friends. This is a great soup for the soup course. The recipe listed is simple and the soup looks inviting. The secret as the author says is a good stock and nothing like a beef stock to give that perfect flavor. I have personally tried it out with different stocks, but beef stock is best.

2. Red Wine & Tomato Lamb Stew - Truthfully, the photo reminded me of Roganjosh.But this is tasty, healthy and full of flavor. A good combination of lamb, wine and chickpeas. I would ahead a little curry powder to get that bite and work up a sweat.

3. Meatballs : This is a great concoction cooked up by Melissa. The use of Harissa is sure to set tongues on fire. Made some Harissa for myself last month and it was fiery. If you are making Harissa yourself be sure to add Carum.

4. Napa Cabbage & Pork Steamed Bun ( Choy Yoke Pau) - Have always wanted to know how to make steamed chinese buns, till I hit jackpot with this recipe. You can use mutton mince or chicken mince if you don't want Pork.

5. White Chocolate Mousse with Green Lemon - A perfect way to round of the weekly selection. A delicate dessert that is easy to make. I must say I was a little confused on the green lemon part though. Please add in some rind of green lemons into the mixture.


Swati Raman Garg said...

again a great list... u shuold be crowned the best recipe picker... ppl shud hire u to save some time blog hoping... :) kidding.. thanks for another worthy list...

Shri said...

Lovely pickup.Your taste is amazing.
Thanks for the good list.

Gaurav said...

Thanks ladies. The compliments are what keep me going on. i would love to do only blog hopping...wish time would also permit me to do so. Keep me posted if u try the recipes out.
Swati, thnx for the Puritans Pride try out. I'm still contemplating trying it out. :)

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