Sunday, June 8, 2008

5 Must see recipes for the week

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Last week has been dog crazy with the Cab operators strike almost paralyzing the offices in the city. Hardly found the time to post anything with just spending most of the time running around to ensure work goes on as smoothly as possible.
So, without wasting any more time, here are the 5 must see for the week. Now I could not miss this for anything, could I ?

1. Tea Sauce - Scouting around for some recipes involving the use of tea, I came across this recipe. Fairly versatile and can be used for marinades and as a dipping sauce. Would go excellently with some Drums of heaven or maybe use it for your chicken wings next time.

2. Rose Tea Rice Pudding - Now this has got exotic smeared all over it. It looks great esp. the rose buds and must taste good too. I'm trying to get my hands on some rose tea, so the next time someone travels to China, I know what to get myself, and yes! after sampling the tea on its own, this is what I'll try out. I guess, I'll use regular milk instead of soy milk.

3. South American Fishcakes - An amazing fishcake recipe by the master of the kitchen himself. I've always loved watching Jamie Oliver because of his connect and his ability to take the simple and make it look so exotic ( yet simple to make). This one is a damn good variation that I'm bookmarking for my next bash. I'll also throw in some cilantro and bell pepper to this.

4. Banana Lemongrass & Coconut soup - This is a great site with some great recipes and insights into different chefs. All the dishes were great be it Tuna Tartare to inspiration ( a delicate blend of chocolate and sea salt). I chose this one because it was a great combination of so many tastes, cuisines and ingredients one never thought could be married together in one dish and that too a soup. Prepared by Chef Ashley James at the Gardens at Four Seasons, this one is a real winner.

5. Puritan's Pride - A great refreshing non alcoholic mocktail. Must try for those sunday afternoon parties ( that's unless you are having beer :D). The cranberries, ginger and cider would be a whacko combo. Saving up for my wife.

Parting Notes :

A great article on testing meat for doneness and another one on the right way to shell peas. Surprisingly, bought back old memories from college. I still follow the same guidelines as in these articles and as I was taught decades ago (only 1 ).

One whole week without awards is killing me. Actually thanks to all you readers guess I'm a little spoilt by now :) ...though the bloggers choice awards option is still open. All you need to do is click the link and search by my blog name. :))


farida said...

You just helped me discover new blogs! Off to check them out:)

Swati Raman Garg said...

i tried the puritans pride.. and though am not too fond of cranberry juice .. d apple nad ginger made wonders to it... thanks buddy

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