Friday, October 19, 2007

This Squid needs some cooking ???

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Here's something for which I am sending an S.O.S. out. I am planning to go across to the local market this weekend and pick-up some squid to cook. I can always get it back home and cook up either an Indian delicacy ( which by the way are very few when it comes to squid) or try out my own experiments (which can go either way....excitingly great or horribly awry).

I'm sure there are people across the globe who are dropping in to this site by mistake, and some of them must be excellent in their kitchens. I'm asking them to let me know of something I can do with squid, a dish that they have had or cooked up or is served locally.

I'm craving to cook up some good calamari :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Gautam,
Stumbled onto your blog.. some nice work here. Squid is my families favourite and I'm always looking for new things to do apart from the battering and frying (yumm!). Couple of days ago I got some nice fresh pinkish squid, half of them I stuffed and the other I made a Indian chinese style Oyster Sauce Squid with broccolli and mushroom. It was good and different.
For the stuffed ones, I normally sauce the tentacles with onions and Goan Rechad masala and stuff them inside the 'pouch' and shallow fry.. yummy!!!
Keep blogging and thnks for sharing some authentic regional recipes. ANGELA

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