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The review of a restaurant has a lot of stuff written about the experience and this can include both, stuff that I liked and the stuff that needs to be improved upon ( I try not to be too nasty). To summarize the overall experience, I rate the restaurant on the three most important factors:
The Food - The quality, freshness, novelty (wow me), presentation (Who likes food dumped on a plate and served) and most importantly, the taste of the food is extremely important to me (and I'm sure it's to you too).
The Service - Everyone likes to be treated well. After all, we are spending money and good customer service is essential. Don't overdo it, but give me good, prompt, attentive service. Waiting time, goes on to the service aspect. If the kitchen staff and restaurant staff will keep me starving and solving crosswords on my dinner table, they are not service oriented. 
The Ambience - The atmosphere created has to be perfect for the kind of meal or dining experience. Imagine going for a french meal to a restaurant, with loud music, noise all around from the tables and a big TV set playing a game. Or maybe, on the other hand, a silent pub, with low volume classical music in the background and maybe a violinist thrown in who comes to your table to play your friends a nice tune. Cleanliness is a part to creating the perfect environment. 

These 3 factors roll into the overall rating. 

All these factors and the overall ratings are given through stars.The star rating does not in any way signify whether it is a casual dining or fine dining.

So what do the stars mean ?
One Star - Unacceptable
Two Star - Unpredictable..some good stuff, some downright bad.
Three Stars - Very Good
Four Stars - Excellent
Five Stars - Exceptional

In the overall rating, the stars mean the following:
One Star - Don't waste your money and don't go there, even if it is the last place open.
Two Star - It's a place you only go to when no place else is open and you are really hungry.
Three Stars - Good food, nothing out of the world in the experience. I might go back again.
Four Stars - Great food and service. This place is worth more than one visit.
Five Stars - Exceptional is every way. A trend-setter. If you have one weekend in the city, make it a point to eat at a restaurant rated 5 stars.

Worth noting:
- Dining and Food is a very personal experience. It differs from person to person. So if you disagree with what is written, please leave a comment and let me know. And also let the others know who can read the review going forward and compare all views and be prepared. In the same way, if you agree, please do leave a comment. It will give me more confidence. 

- Any reviews on this blog, which are 6 months or older, may not be valid. The restaurant may have improved/deteriorated in the factors we rate on. The food industry is buzzing and the staff changes often. This might impact the service, quality of the place.


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