Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taste from the Bengali Household - Aloo Poshto

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The very mention of Bengali cuisine brings to mind the rich desserts like sandesh, rossogulla and rajbhog or the simple and tasty fish dishes like machher jhol, yet it is the vegan fare that is as tasty and make for a good meal. Dishes like Aloo Potol, Shukto and cholar dal may not have found its way to many non-bengali households or fancy restaurant menus, but once they do, atleast in our households they gain prominence and become a repeat favorite.
Aloo Poshto is one such dish. Poshto, Short for Poshtodana which is the Bengali name for Poppy Seeds, literally translated means Potatoes with Poppy Seeds.

Aloo Poshto


Potatoes - 3 No.
Poppy Seeds - 2 Tblsp
Green Chillies - 2 No.
Turmeric powder - 1 Tsp
Mustard Oil - 2 Tblsp
Whole Dry Red Chillies - 2
Water - 1/2 cup
Salt - To Taste

1. Roast the poppy seeds and alongwith green chillies and a few tablespoons of water, grind it to a smooth paste.
2. Dice the potatoes into cubes. ( 1.5" x 1.5"x1.5" )
3. Heat Oil in a pan.
4. Shallow Fry potatoes till light brown. Drain and keep aside.
5. In the same oil, add whole dry red chillies and turmeric powder. Fry briefly.
6. Add in the poppy seed paste and fry for 4-5 minutes or till oil starts leaving sides of the pan.
7. Add the lightly fried potatoes and mix well.
8. Add water and salt. Stir well.
9. Cook till potatoes are soft and the dish turns a little dry.
10. Serve Hot.

Note: This is also my post for Sandeepa's RCI - Bengal event.


Srivalli said...

ehmm...nice looking aloos...just announced and entry already sent..great

Mansi said...

wow, didn't know anything like that existed!:) looks great Gaurav!

remya said...

lovely aloos....cool entry

Bong Mom said...

Thanks for the entry. Love Alu Poshto, my all time fav

Could you please link back to the RCI Bengal post in my blog

Jean@Yardworkerz said...

Nice one! MMm!

arnab maiti said...

really you reminded me the delicious posto....bengal favourite..:-)

Gaurav said...

@Arnab ..then u should cook this up on the weekend :)

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