Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Dish so Uncommon !! ( No recipes Dear ... Only Blabber)

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I'm sure a lot who came onto this post were looking for some out of the blue recipe for some out of the blue dish (Don't say I didn't warn you). Well, that will have to wait. I have one uncommon recipe for something that we usually throw away, but it will take some time before I try it out.
In this post, I invite comments from everyone who is visiting this blog, by trick or knowingly, to share the most uncommon dish ( Indian that is) that they have ever eaten or tasted. Also, what did they feel after having it.
Personally, the most uncommon Indian Dish that I have ever tasted, happens to be a dish made out ... hold your breath...Pea Skins, yup, pea skins, the same ones that we throw after having shelled peas. Also, these days, most of us buy frozen shelled peas, so we do not even see the pod. My grandmom used to make this dish and frankly it was tasty.
Go ahead .and let me know your adventures with gastronomy :)


vimmi said...

My mom also makes this. i love it. She makes it with peas skin, aloo and punjabi wadi. yummy

Gaurav said...

Vimmi, thanks for coming out as one who can say they have they tried out that dish...most feel...i'm kidding when I say it exists.
Any recipe for that one though ...I lost the recipe to the one with my grandmom.

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