Sunday, September 9, 2007

Khubani Ka Meetha ( Indian Apricots Compote )

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Apricots are known by many names in different regions. From Armenian Plum to Damasco (Argentina, Chile) to Merunka (Czech). Khubani is the urdu name for Apricots and the dish is another of the traditional dishes from the ktichens of Hyderabad. Refreshingly simple to make and delicious to eat, this dish made it's way to India through Central Asia as a part of Alexander's entourage. For more on it's history, varieities available and yes! another recipe to make it, go to this link.
My recipe has been sourced through my team member who had got it once to work and I loved it so much that I feasted on it. Since then I have been after him to get me the recipe on how his mom makes it. Finally, I have the recipe, though I haven't tried it out. The photo attached is from one of the restaurants where they served it. Living in Hyderabad, the dish virtually stares out at you from every menu card and every party that you attend, so getting a photo is not a problem.
Apricots : 500 gm
Sugar :150 gm
Lemon Juice:10-15 ml.
Water: As needed
For Garnishing:
Clotted Cream: 100 gm
Almonds (Blanched): As desired


1. Take the Khubani and soak it in water for 3-4 hours(best for 6 hrs).Remove the seeds from the khubani.

2. Boil the Khubani 10-15 minutes, add Sugar and continue boiling for 10 minutes more or till Khubani are pulpy and the sugar has dissolved. You will notice the apricots mixture changing color to a darkish shade. Mash the Khubani and pass the mixture through the sieve.

3. Let the mixture cool down.

4. Add Lemon Juice for taste.

5. Either serve hot or let it cool down and serve garnished with blanched almonds and cream.

Some even serve it with Ice Cream or custard, but tradition states that it be served with clotted cream.


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